Why Fad Diets Do Not Work

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Why Fad Diets Do Not Work

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Now that summer is over, and we are approaching the end of 2018, New Years’ Resolutions are starting to weigh heavily on people’s minds and many are reminded that, once again, they failed to meet last year’s resolution to lose weight.  There is a set of people who didn’t get “bikini body” ready for summer and are using Winter as the excuse to wait because, after all, “summer bodies are made in the winter.” Fad diets start to look tempting. You see ads for “get skinny in three weeks”, “with this supplement, you don’t even need to exercise”, “click here if you want to be one of the first people to get a free, 30-day money back guarantee” … and this list goes on.

These fad diets are just gimmicks and sales pitches that do not work.  They provide temporary, if any, results, that are not sustainable (hence the three-week diet gimmick).

​Most fad diets include the following:

A focus on one measure of “health” — weight. Weight is an excellent indicator of health but is not the only one!  The laser-focus on weight is a product of a culture that largely results in an unhelpful pattern of guilt and shame by the number on the scale, and isn’t focused on real wellness.   At 1 ON ONE FITNESS, weight loss is a byproduct of a return to natural health through a lifestyle change based a customized nutritional plan that is sustainable, satisfying and delicious combined with a personalized training program.

Fad diets erroneously focus on “miracle ingredients.” These are simply marketing gimmicks. Humans were perfectly capable of whole health before “diets” came on the scene!   Watch out for supplements that purport to have discovered the “secret” or “miracle” for weight loss.  Truth is, there is no magic diet pill that allows you to lose weight or lose fat without clean eating or physical activity.

Diets often mimic famine. Go too long without food, or with too little food, and the body stores calories as fat because it doesn’t know when next meal is.  Starvation and malnourishment might provide a temporary, short-term change on your scale as long as you stay in starvation mode, but it is dangerous, not sustainable and will cause the weight to come back on as soon as you start eating again.   At 1 ON ONE FITNESS, we customize meal plans for every client that will never include starvation or malnutrition.  We believe in feeding the body, not starving it.

Don’t be tempted by the fad diets and gimmicks. Long-term health and wellness is achievable when you take life-long, sustainable approaches.  These approaches provide you with the tools to make permanent lifestyle changes to achieve overall wellness.

Schedule your consult today to learn how we can help you achieve overall health in a realistic and safe environment.

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