Our Facility in Fremont, CA

Our facility is outfitted with the most advanced equipment available for personal trainers. When you walk in the door, you will notice it looks much different than the normal commercial gym which is loaded with machines.

‚ÄčAs trainers, we know that machines make you weak due to the fact that most of them stabilize your body while isolating muscles. Your body’s muscular system is not meant to work in isolation. It is designed to work as a whole, where some of the muscles are stabilizing and the others are performing the primary movement. This is how functional strength is built in the human body.

We specifically equipped 1 ON ONE FITNESS with equipment that is designed to work with the body’s natural movements and needs. Not only do we want out clients to look good, but it’s equally as important that they feel good. At 1 ON ONE FITNESS we are equipped to give our clients what they want and what their body needs!