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Affording Personal Training!

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Many people think they cannot afford the price of a Personal Trainer. Yet, most do not think twice about buying expensive drinks and meals at restaurants, and do not realize the average American spends $400 per month eating out, including buying alcoholic drinks and wine, and expensive coffee drinks, all of which are likely things a personal trainer would eliminate, change or reduce on your nutrition list.

By prioritizing your goals and setting a budget, most people will find that their “extra” cash or fun money really is enough to hire a Personal Trainer, attend boot camp classes, or both. Most people, myself included, do not realize how much they spend on frivolous and unnecessary purchases, which add up each time you swipe your card. The little amounts each day add up to a lot at the end of the month. Instead of spending your extra cash on things that hurt your body, keep you overweight and unhealthy and give you an excuse to not take control of your health and fitness, try restructuring your goals and budget and you will likely find that you actually CAN afford to hire a Personal Trainer. Who can’t afford to invest in their health?

Here is an interesting article that speaks more to this point.…/personal-trainer-on-a-tight-budget

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